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Crochet Flowers

I just love the first flowers of Spring popping up out of the brown and drery earth. Add a little bit of spring color with some Crochet Flowers to your shoes for Easter or in a very pretty pincushion or on a sweater can't help to make you feel happy. I looked around and founds some great designs for stylish crocheted flowers. If you know of any more please add a link in the comments. Even though I'm not very good with the crochet hook or knitting needles I think I am going to give each of these sweet crochet flowers a try. I've made some before so maybe I just need the practice.

Here are a few great places to buy yarn online for your projects:
Soft Yarns 
Great Selection of Colors including Cotton Yarns
Nice Wool Yarn for Flowers

Cynthia Banessa's pretty Purple Crochet Flowers remind me of little purple pansies. The pattern looks pretty easy too.

Erica from Caught on a Whim made these little Crochet Puff Flowers in the most lovely shades of pink. I can see these all over a sweet little baby blanket.

This Small Flower Crochet Pincushion is very perfect for your sewing pins. I love the color combinations that Anabelia Craft Design put together

Look how cute these itty bitty Tiny White Crochet Flowers are... They look like little alyssum flowers. Happy DIY is not in english  but her directions are in photos and pretty easy to follow.

This pretty bunch of Crochet Daisies would be nice in a vase on a bookshelf or table. Do you remember that daisies are Kathleen Kelly's favorite flowers, " They're so friendly. Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower?" from You've Got Mail. Jung Jung is another blog that isn't in english but if you can figure out the pattern let us know. If nothing else it's a little but on inspiration.

This is a Simple Five Petal Crochet Flower that I think even a beginner could accomplish. I love color combinations too. Retextil includes the directions for the leaves too.

If you're a knitter I didn't leave you out. These cute Mini Roses are a knitting pattern. Clipping some flowers on your shoes for Easter would be so nice.


Easter Bunny Napkin Fold Tutorial

Do you decorate your Easter table? I like to scatter little Easter Bunny here and there for the kids and I must admit for me too. I just love sweet Easter Bunnies. Folding your napkins into an Easter Bunny shape is so easy to do and adds a little something more that the kids will love!

Isn't the white cotton tail on Giggles Galore's Easter Bunny the cutest. Plus, look at those sweet little white whiskers.

With real silk ribbons and Easter greetings added Explore Dream Discover went for the natural looking Easter Bunny napkins.

The fresh spring green napkins are perfect for an Easter Bunny sitting in your glass.

This Easter Bunny fold with the Easter Egg in the middle would be perfect for Easter morning breakfast.

Handimania is brilliant using a clothes pin to hold their Easter Bunny napkins together while tieing them with a bit of string.

Watch their Youtube video for the full directions:

Here are some more of our favorite Easter Ideas:

Last Minute Valentine Ideas * Sweet & Simple Magazine

Are you looking for some fun last-minute Valentine's Day ideas? We have some for you, heart filled and everything lovey.

These easy to make Valentine's are sweet spin on kids sewing cards. Simply cut out some hearts from craft paper, punch some holes, sew together with pretty ribbon and fill with Valentine candies.

These are the Very Best Sugar Cookies, I promise! Top them with some Valentine sprinkles, red sugar or heart shaped red hots.

This Heart-a-Stack game is one for those of you looking for a sweet little game for your kids this Valentine's Day. Simply grab a big bag of conversation hearts and see who can build the tallest stack!

Want to leave something sweet for your sweetheart in the morning? Print out and tape this Valentine's Tear Card on your bathroom mirror for some Valentine's Day fun play together.

Do you do a nice Valentine's Day breakfast too? It's tradition in our house to have French Toast with red berries on top. This Berry Sourdough French Toast is delicious topped with vanilla bean creme fraiche.

Happy Heart Day!