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Have you ever thought about getting a tummy tuck? I have!

Thanks to TissuGlu® for sharing this medical advancement and the Mom It Forward Influencer Network sponsorship of mamachallenge.com. All opinions are my own of course :) 

Have you ever thought about getting a tummy tuck? I certainly have a few times. First, I'm a mother of twins. I had high hopes that if I put enough of the right cream on my stomach I would get away with never having stretch marks and that my skin would naturally bounce back and be just like it was before having twins. Boy was I wrong! I was doing great right up to the end and then the babies dropped. Huge purple and red stretch marks appeared and my stomach never went back. Now years later I am still thinking about getting that tummy tuck.

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One of my hang-ups was the drains. This part didn't sound too appealing to me. Look at the image above. Can you imagine having these tubes coming out of your body just below your incisions? My son recently had an abdominal surgery and the doctor used a topical adhesive to keep the incision closed rather than stitches. I had no idea this was even possible. Then I heard about TissuGlu® Surgical Adhesive for abdominoplasty or tummy tucks. This is a game changer, friends.

Did you know:

  • TissuGlu is the first surgical adhesive of its kind, elevating the tummy tuck experience like never before to give you the advantage of a drain-free tummy tuck.

  • Drains are patients’ #1 tummy tuck complaint? Most patients find drains to be uncomfortable and cumbersome during recovery. They can be awkward to hide under your clothes and require maintenance like emptying and measuring fluid. Drains may cause additional scarring, and removal can sometimes be painful. Drains may be in place for 1-3 weeks, depending on your procedural plan. TissuGlu is precisely applied with a special applicator. It forms a strong bond between tissue layers, reducing spaces where fluid may collect. TissuGlu allows your body to resorb fluid as part of the healing process so you can recover naturally, without drains. 95% of patients prefer a drain-free procedure.


Get more information about TissuGlu by going to their website: www.tissuglu.com

After learning about having TissuGlu® as an option for stomach surgery having a tummy tuck doesn’t sound too bad to me. It is definitely something I am looking into once I get down to my goal weight. What do you think?

Important TissuGlu® Surgical Adhesive Safety Information:

TissuGlu® Surgical Adhesive is indicated for the approximation of tissue layers where subcutaneous dead space exists between the tissue planes in abdominoplasty.
Do not use in patients with known or suspected allergies to urethane-based or isocyanate-containing products.
  • Do not use TissuGlu® Surgical Adhesive in patients who have had prior exposure to TissuGlu®. Immunological response associated with repeat TissuGlu® exposure has not been studied.
  • The effectiveness for the treatment of patients with BMI > 28 has not been established. Higher BMI patients have a propensity for fluid accumulation and may have an increased risk of seroma formation.
  • Effectiveness was not observed in weight loss patients undergoing abdominoplasty. Weight loss patients have a propensity for fluid accumulation and may have an increased risk of seroma formation and aspiration.
TissuGlu® may reduce the need for drains after surgery. By using TissuGlu® instead of drains, you may:
  • Return to normal activities more quickly
  • Experience less discomfort and pain than when drains are used
  • Have fewer invasive treatments for fluid management. The results showed that 73% of TissuGlu® patients had no treatments after surgery. However, some patients did require additional invasive treatments including reinsertion of drains.
Clinical studies were performed using TissuGlu®. There were no increased safety risks with the use of TissuGlu® than when drains were used. Potential complications associated with the use of the device and the tummy tuck procedures include seroma (fluid) formation. These complications may require treatments such as drain placement and/or fluid removal by needle, which may be performed in the operating room. Additional potential complications include wound healing issues, rash/redness, surgical site or incision infection, scarring, hematoma (bruise or swelling), incision separation, and immunological reaction.
Safety Information:
For full safety information please visit http://tissuglu.com, contact your doctor, or call Cohera Customer Support at 1-800-641-7458.

TissuGlu® Surgical Adhesive is currently approved for sale in the United States for the approximation of tissue layers where subcutaneous dead space exists between the tissue planes in abdominoplasty. TissuGlu® Surgical Adhesive received European CE Mark in 2011, where it is approved for large flap surgical procedures such as abdominoplasty. TissuGlu® Surgical Adhesive is not approved for sale in any other region. Any questions related to the indication for use should be directed to your Cohera Medical Account Manager or to Cohera Medical Corporate Clinical Affairs. Refer to the complete TissuGlu® Surgical Adhesive Directions for Use for prescribing and usage information.

DIY Farmhouse Style Sponge Holder

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and  Scotch-Brite®. All opinions are mine alone. #TeamSponge #ScrubMyWay #CollectiveBias

I'm a sponge user in my kitchen. I also use sponges throughout my house for cleaning.  The funny thing is I come from a household that always use dishcloths and cleaning cloths.  I switched over when I was a nanny. I worked for the best working mom. She was very tidy and used sponges. I got use to using them and loved having the scrubber on one side for those tough to clean spots and the sponge side for wiping down the counters and of course for washing the dishes.

   I like having both the Scotch-Brite® Heavy Duty with the dark green scrubber side and the Non-Scratch sponge with the blue scrubber side. Now a regular old sponge won't due for cleaning. You need those two scrubber options to make cleaning up quick and easy so you have time for other things in your life and to enjoy your home.

Right Tools for Every Surface

The green Scotch-Brite® Heavy Duty Sponge is great for cleaning tough messes for example it cleans 50% better on those tough, baked-on messes. It also great for other kitchen messes like your oven racks, use in the garage and even outdoors.

The blue Non-Scratch Scotch-Brite® Sponge is safe for cleaning non-stick cookware. It's your got to for cleaning without scratching on surfaces like counter tops, cook tops and other surface around your home.

Right now can enter for a chance to win a $20,000 kitchen makeover. I sure with I could WIN this is AMAZING!! Click the green button below to enter!

 Click here for the ibotta Scotch-Brite® Walmart offer.

Since I need both the green Scotch-Brite® Heavy Duty Sponges and  blue Non-Scratch Scotch-Brite® Sponges, I came up with this great super easy to make Farmhouse Style Wooden Sponge Holder to keep your sponges dry in between uses.

Farmhouse Style Wooden Sponge Holder

  • Short Wooden Skewers (can be found in the food section near the baking supplies)
  • Super Glue
  • 1 Package of Scotch-Brite® Heavy Duty Sponge
  • 1 Package of Non-Scratch Scotch-Brite® Sponges

Layout 2 wooden sticks parallel as shown with the pointed end in the opposite direction. Using your super glue put a dot of glue on each wooden stick and place your first stick across. 

Repeat this process alternating the direction of the sticks as shown above.

Allow the glue to try and you are ready to use your super easy super fast Farm Style Wooden Sponge Holder. This simple drying rack will keep your sponges fresh and dry in between uses.

Scotch-Brite® Heavy Duty Sponge and the 1 Package of Non-Scratch Scotch-Brite® Sponges can be easily found in the cleaning supply lane at your local Walmart store along with wide selection of  other Scotch-Brite® high performance tools that make it quicker and easier to clean each room of your home.

DIY Dog Toys * Easy as 123

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #NutritionWorthWaggingFor #CollectiveBias

Nature’s Recipe® has been around for 35 years. Their pet foods are full of premium ingredients and now you can buy them at Smith's and other Kroger stores!

We are trying a new dog food for Harrison. It's the Nature's Recipe grain free Real Salmon. I chose the salmon flavor because he is always wanting to try the cat's fish flavored food. And guess what he loves it! I also bought him a couple of the Grain Free Ocean Fish & Tuna Recipe In Broth and the Chicken & Turkey Recipe In Broth to try.

Nature’s Recipe promises that it has no corn or wheat, nothing artificial, high-quality protein source as the number 1 ingredient. I'm happy to know that my pup is getting good quality food. I love my pup and want to give him the best. He is the sweetest dog who is there to love us and greet us when we come home. It's a pleasure to treat him and so something nice for him too.

As a nice way to show how much I love him, I came up with this easy DIY dog toy.  Harrison loves toys. It's a super easy no-sew dog toy. Really anyone can make it. It's as easy as 123! 

First, gather your supplies. You will need a water bottle with the lid removed, a pair of fun colored socks, and that it's it!

Put the empty water bottle into the sock top first. Then tie a knot in the end. Easy as can be!

Harrison loves the knot on the end and the crinkly noise it makes when he bites it.

Harrison loves it! We took him to a park up in the mountains to play and he loved running and fetching it. When we got it home he brought it to his toy basket behind the sofa. He likes to have his favorite things in his little hiding place back there. It's the cutest.

You can follow Nature's Recipe on Facebook and Instagram.

You can now get Nature's Recipe at Smith's, Krogers or any of the Kroger banner stores. (Fred Meyer, King Soopers, QFC, Ralph’s, Jay-C, Fry’s) It's super easy to find in the pet aisle. When I went shopping this week they had these flags in the aisle with this cute dog on them. 

Have you tried Nature's Recipe for your sweet pup? You should! Tell us what your dog thinks of it.

Learn more about the premium ingredients and dog foods from Nature’s Recipe.