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Last Minute Valentine Ideas * Sweet & Simple Magazine

Are you looking for some fun last-minute Valentine's Day ideas? We have some for you, heart filled and everything lovey.

These easy to make Valentine's are sweet spin on kids sewing cards. Simply cut out some hearts from craft paper, punch some holes, sew together with pretty ribbon and fill with Valentine candies.

These are the Very Best Sugar Cookies, I promise! Top them with some Valentine sprinkles, red sugar or heart shaped red hots.

This Heart-a-Stack game is one for those of you looking for a sweet little game for your kids this Valentine's Day. Simply grab a big bag of conversation hearts and see who can build the tallest stack!

Want to leave something sweet for your sweetheart in the morning? Print out and tape this Valentine's Tear Card on your bathroom mirror for some Valentine's Day fun play together.

Do you do a nice Valentine's Day breakfast too? It's tradition in our house to have French Toast with red berries on top. This Berry Sourdough French Toast is delicious topped with vanilla bean creme fraiche.

Happy Heart Day!

Home & Entertaining * Hand Embroidered Valentine Bookmarks

Hello Everyone!!! I’m Abby over at A Feathered Nest blog which is kind of a collection of hobbies I like or attempt. I’m a mom with 4 kids - boy, girl, boy, girl, and a {hot} husband. I wish I had a puppy so bad. My baby girl is an animal so she will suffice for now. We live in Michigan {the most beautiful place on earth} but we’re getting ready to move back home to Sunny Arizona! {gasp!} I’m SO excited that Heather would ask me to put together a project for all of you. We’re going to do a Valentine project but not that kind of Valentine project. Let’s veer from the standard Valentine gifts and do something unique for our good friends & loved ones. Who out there doesn't love a good book?! Even kids’ books. They’re amazing. Don’t you love it when you find a good book and you’re sad when you finish? Wouldn't it be fun to give a good book to someone you love this Valentine’s Day?! With an adorable hand-made bookmark?! Even better. {add some chocolate to the gift and I’d say that would be the best Valentine gift EVER.} I’ll take a good book {and chocolate} over flowers any day.

Hand Embroidered Valentine Bookmarks

Aren’t they precious? How fun to use the bookmark as the actual gift tag wrap it around a gift card or if you buy a book wrap it around the wrapping paper. 


  • Felt, cut in varying circles or shapes (I have a scallop pair of scissors) 
  • DMC floss, needle, scissors 
  • Fabric marker- mine has a disappearing ink side 
  • Fabric glue 
  • Elastic (you can dye your elastic any color you want using RIT dye - just boil hot water, add a few drops of dye, boil for a few minutes, rinse with cold water. Bleach your pot before using it for cooking.) 
This is a perfect project for those of you who are beginners to embroidery. If you need a practice guide, here is a handy-dandy Stitch Guide I put together a long time ago. This post also has some stitching help, another great Valentine project. I’m missing a few stitches on my site but if you google searched the following stitch names you’ll find more than enough help on how to do them.

Cut your shapes - I used 3-ply together, but stitched on 2-ply.
Trace/draw your design. The circles should be small, so you don’t need a whole lot on them - keep it simple. I free-handed everything so I don’t have patterns, but you can look at these and figure it out. They’re not very complex.
Embroider your design. Here are the stitches I used: Lazy Daisy
- French Knot
- Split Stitch
- Running Stitch
- Blanket stitch
Secure your elastic in a loop/circle, using glue or thread - make sure it’s straight. Nothing but the best from you.
Glue your front to the back.

DONE! How easy is that?! Now go make a whole bunch of these and you have plenty of time until Valentine’s Day! Wahoo!! These will also make great end-of-year teacher gifts too get a head start and be the admiration of the PTO moms. You’re amazing.

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