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DIY New Year's Eve Garland * Home & Entertaining

If you're looking to add a little festivity to your New Years Party try this popular, fun and easy fringe garland! There's so much you can do with this simple, but oh-so-beautiful paper garland! Hang a few strands over a dessert table or create a very cool photo booth backdrop and let your guests take pictures all night! You'll be amazed at how charming the garland looks strung and how affordable it is to make. Bring in the New Year with some fringe!

  • Tissue paper
  • Twine
  • Hot Glue 
  • Scissors

Step One: Put two pieces of tissue paper together and fold them in half.

Step two: Cut along the folded edge, creating four pieces of tissue paper. This is one square of the four square garland or you can add more squares for a longer garland.

Step Three: Place the four sheets together and cut strips from the bottom, leave about an inch or two at the top of the tissue paper. Don't worry about making the strips even, different sizes create a fun look! When all strips are cut fold the top over twice... this is where the twine will hide.

Step Four: Add a some hot glue inside the fold and place the twine underneath. Press the fold down so the twin is not visible and stays nicely inside the fold! Make sure you leave a little extra twine at the end so you have some to hang the garland from.

Step Five: Repeat the same steps above until the garland reaches the desired length you want! Glue them next to each other on the same strip of twine. It's easiest to do this part on the floor or a really long table, so you're able to lay everything flat.

The finished garland is so pretty! You can make as many as you want and string them all around.

post by Eden Passante entertaining contributing editor | photos by Zan Passante-  Eden is the owner of Sugar & Charm a boutique event design and dinner party company.