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Home & Entertaining * Vintage Sheet Music Christmas Tree Tutorial

This pretty Vintage Sheet Music Christmas Tree is really very simple to make. It can also be done for less than $5.

  • Tree rounds {If you don't have anyone to cut them from fallen trees, contact your local lumber mill and ask if they have any. Usually they'll have some laying around you can have.}
  • Styrofoam cones. Rae found them at the dollar store.
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Sheet music  

Tear out 10 to 15 pages of vintage sheet music. Fold each sheet in half. Cut on the fold. Set aside one half sheet for the top of the tree.

Cut a triangle from the page. You will three pieces remaining.

Cut the big triangle in half from top to bottom. Using scissors curl each piece like you would curl ribbon on each of the ends.

Put a line of hot glue on your styrofoam tree.  Start staggering curled sheet music around the styrofoam tree.

Once you are finished cut off the pointed top about 1/2'' down. Take your saved half sheet of paper and cut it in half.

Roll one corner to the opposite corner making it into a cone. Cut the open bottom of the cone to make it even. Line the inside of the cone with hot glue. Put the cone on the tree, and gently press on all sides to make it stay put.

Add a few more curled pieces to the top to blend it. All that's left is the base. Add some hot glue to the base. Use plenty so that it sticks.

Put the tree on top, and let it dry. You're done! Simple. Pretty.

Swee and Simple Tips:
- Add some glitter.
- Top the tree with a star.
- Use old book or dictionary pages if you'd like rather than sheet music.

post & photos by Jana Roach & Rae Clausen creating guest editors- Jana & Rae run The Vintage Whites Market