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Thanksgiving Pine Cone Turkeys Place Cards * Home & Entertaining

We have a simple Sweet Crafty Creation for the kids on Thanksgiving day. It is made from items you most likely already have around the house. The also make very nice name place cards for the Thanksgiving dinner table.

- Gather some pine cones, colorful scraps of paper, craft glue and scissors.Cut paper into small feather shaped pieces. For older kids fringe the feathers by making tiny cuts around the edges of each feather.

- Cut out a beak by folding a small piece of paper in half. Cut a small triangle on the fold. Cut out a red wattle (the little red giggly part below the beak on a turkey.)

- Set your pine cone on it's side where it will settle without rolling. Glue feathers about 3/4 of the way back. Then glue your beak and wattle on the front end of the pinecone.

Easy fun and cute! You can also make these for name card for your dinner by writing the name on a small card and placing right in front of the feathers.

by April A. Founder & Editor-in-Chief