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The Emerald Coast Florida * Travel

Often when you think of Florida one of two places come to mind Walt Disney World in Orlando or Miami. I was one of those who didn't know the vast variety of beauty Florida has to offer. I was invited on a lovely trip to visit Northwest Florida's Emerald Coast and my perception changed.

The Emerald Coast got it's name from the deep bluish green waters that come from the crushed quarts sugar white sand that reflects up to the most beautiful ocean waters I have ever seen. The white sand is so soft underfoot. I thought I would have to venture farther south to the caribbean to see such beautiful waters and sand. Towns include Destin, FT Walton and Okaloosa Florida.

We stayed right on the ocean with a beautiful view. If you like me waking up to a beach view and strolling along or sitting in a nice umbrella covered lounge chair is perfect. A few places to stay with beach front and views:

Family Friendly:
The Jade East Towers- Condos

Adults Only:
The gorgeous Henderson Park Inn

The first on our itinerary was Parasailing. Destin Parasailing took us out. One of my life list goals is to go parasailing and the Emerald Coast is one of those places that would make it a memory of a lifetime. The beautiful waters, dolphins always in view and the perfect weather. So much fun!

We set sail on the Emerald Dancer for relaxing sunset cruise and photo ops of the dolphins was enjoyed by the whole family. This little cutie even got to play captain for us.

One phrase Deep Sea Fishing. There is nothing like deep seas fishing in crystal clear waters when you can see a hundred feet to the bottom of the ocean and the schools of fish passing by. I am sold. I never knew I loved it so much. The Miss Nautica knew just where to take us to fish for our dinner. You will be spoiled fishing on the Emerald Coast.

You have never tasted shrimp until you have tasted it fresh out of the ocean. The texture and flavor is nothing like the shrimp I have tasted in the past. If you are a seafood lover this is place to visit.

Recommended Good Eats:
BeachWalk Cafe
The Crab Trap
Staff's Restaurant

I will be back again. This time I'm staying at the Harbor Inn. It looks so charming plus the food is amazing.

by April A. founder & editor-in-chief