Sweet and Simple Magazine: Dream House Kitchen Gift Ideas* 25 Days of Christmas

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Dream House Kitchen Gift Ideas* 25 Days of Christmas

We have put together dream house kitchen ideas those who are thinking you might like a new dream kitchen for Christmas. Doesn't that sounds like a wonderful idea! Or maybe just build it one item at a time and start with something from your list this Christmas and before you know it your dream kitchen will be complete!

1. The Thermador Pro Harmony Ranges 

Why we love it...
  • Star burners-signature Star® Burner for wonderful even heat distribution
  • ExtraLow® burners heat great for control and simmering
  • Great for the home cook wanting to go father with their cooking and baking while great for the pro at home too
  • Hydraulic SoftClose® Oven doors
  • Easy Cleanup surface which is so important for a gas range stove top
  • Dual Fuel options
  • Titanium Griddle & Grill option
  • Convection Oven option

Why we love it...
  • The custom configurations from one door glass the other faced to match cabinets or a stainless steel etc
  • Under over or french door options
  • All freezer all fridge options for more space
  • Water and ice dispenser door option 
  • Microprocessor keeps refrigerator’s interior temperature within one degree of the temperature you set
  • Dual refrigeration that has separate sealed systems for refrigerator and freezer because fresh food needs more humidity and frozen needs dry air
  • Has an antimicrobial air purification system that cleans the air of ethylene as well as mold, viruses, and bacteria

The Scotsman Pebble icemaker and water filter system

Why we love it...
  • It makes purified pebble ice need we say more! 

The Bosch 24" Bar Handle Dishwasher 800 Plus Series

Why we love it...
  • Stainless steel interior
  • Built in water softener for spot-free and shiny dishes
  • Rated quietest dishwasher 
  • Hidden control panel
  • Lit interior
  • Extra tall sprinkler

A large walk in pantry is a must here are a couple we like...

Clean simple pantry with baskets and jars. We also love the lighting too. Image from Design Sponge interview with EmersonMade. 

The sliding ladder, shallow shelving with a combination of baskets and drawers draw us into this lovely pantry by Thea Home, Inc. 

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