Sweet and Simple Magazine: One Word 2014 * Increase of all Good Things

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One Word 2014 * Increase of all Good Things

Each year I choose one word to live by rather than setting a list of resolutions. Last year's word was JOY. I decided to live my life and make my choices based on JOY. It has changed my life significantly. I learned to end the things in my life that were overwhelming me. I chose to live each moment in joy. It's a challenge to choose joy even in the hard times. I have faced some serious challenges this year and choosing to find joy even when it was very very hard and it made all the difference. It forced me to change my perspective. It allowed me to see peace where I would have once thought it would have been impossible. I was able to show my children that no matter how rich or poor, no matter how limited or abundant life is we are always able to find joy.

One day our water pump in our house went out. Without a water pump we had no water in the house. Since we lived in the backwoods of Vermont getting someone out to repair the pump took a few days. Rather than feel hopeless and upset I chose joy. We had a very beautiful fresh spring stream on our property. It was a great source to get buckets of water to flush the toilets and wash dishes. It was also a great place to bath. Even though the water was cooler (not too cold) we bathed in the stream. I was able to experience something I never would have if I didn't choose joy. I was able to sit in the fresh crystal clear water of our stream surrounded by tall white pines and moss cover rocks and listen to the peaceful quiet of the green mountains of Vermont. It is an experience I will remember forever. It something my kids will talk about in years to come to their children.

This year I chose the word increase. Increase in all good things. I will choose an increase in joy, an increase in love, an increase money, an increase in good food and on and on. I learned that we are by our nature in need of increase. It is a noble and good thing to seek out increase of all good things even money. Through an increase in money we are able to facilitate an increase of developing talents, increase of experiences, an increase in education, an increase in generosity and an increase of all good things.

What is your word for 2014?

From our home to your's Happy New Year!

founder & editor-in-chief