Sweet and Simple Magazine: Washi Tape Christmas Trees and Family Traditions with Linda of Craftaholics Anonymous * 25 Days of Christmas

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Washi Tape Christmas Trees and Family Traditions with Linda of Craftaholics Anonymous * 25 Days of Christmas

Today we have Linda the lovely crafting, DIY decorating, sewing, and holiday crafting blogger from Craftaholics Anonymous® sharing a little bit about her, her blog, a Christmas tradition and a sweet Christmas decoration using washi tape.

Tell us little about yourself and your blog?

I am a craft addict with a blog....because its cheaper than therapy! I started Craftaholics Anonymous® 4 years ago when I became a stay at home mom. I fill my blog with craft tutorials, free printables, holiday ideas, and DIY decor to inspire everyday creativity.

Where do you go for inspiration?

I love cruising the mall and watching what people are wearing and shopping for. Helps me stay on trend and see what people are into right now. And like millions of others, I am guilty of perusing Pinterest.

What are 3 of your favorite projects?

My corner door shelf, baby food jar snow globes, and my craft room.

Tell us your wildest dream something you would love to do, have or be...

I always thought it would be super cool to be a DJ. And someday, I will go to Italy and stay in a villa. Someday.

What is your favorite family holiday tradition?

Playing games and eating finger foods and just being with my little family on Christmas Eve. The laughter and joy that fills the home is my favorite!

A Sweet Christmas Craft from Linda of Craftaholics Anonymous for your Holiday Entertaining.

Washi Tape Christmas Trees Tutorial

1. Supplies:
  • washi tape {of course!}
  • 3 paper mache cones in 3 sizes {mine are 7″, 10.5″ and 13.5″ tall}
  • white paint {I used spray paint}
  • scissors {optional}


2. Paint your paper mache cones white. It took about 2 coats of spray paint for mine. Make sure they dry thoroughly.

3. Then apply your washi tape starting at the top point of the cone and go straight down. Then you can tear or rip your washi tape. If there is any excess, you can wrap it around and press it to the inside of the cone.

4. Continue applying the washi tape until your cone is completely covered.

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