Sweet and Simple Magazine: How to Create a Foraged Spring Floral Arrangement * Home & Entertaining

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How to Create a Foraged Spring Floral Arrangement * Home & Entertaining

Forage: search for provisions such as flowers

Adding a lovely spring floral arrangement to your Sunday dinner table, front entry or desk top can be simple and easy even free. Rather than going out and buying fresh flowers we foraged around our yard and home to create this beautiful center piece.

Provisions Gathered:
  • Fresh spring flowers- we chose apple bosoms, lilacs and daffodils 
  • container- we used a loaf pan from the kitchen 
  • masking table 
  • water 
  • scissors

First- we created a flower frog to hold our flowers in place. Using masking tape making a crisscross pattern over the loaf pan or your container of choice.

Second- Choose a base flower to fill the container. Be sure to allow the flowers to spill over the sides to cover the masking tape.

Third- Add accent flowers. We choose apple bosoms and daffodils which are both plentiful in our yard.

This arrangement will take you less than 15 minutes total to create from basic items found around your home. It is a Sweet and Simple thing.

Sweet Tip: 

  • For choosing flowers look for flowers of different sizes to add text and interest to your arrangement. 
  • Look for colors that compliment each other well. We choose yellow and lavender which are complementary colors on the color wheel.