Sweet and Simple Magazine: Toyota Avalon Limited Hybrid * Sweet Ride 2014

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Toyota Avalon Limited Hybrid * Sweet Ride 2014

We enjoyed the 2014 Toyota Avalon Limited Hybrid for many reasons from the great gas mileage to the stylish luxury appeal.

Being a full size sedan the hybrid brings the gas mileage down to that typical of the compact sedans of 40/39 mpg. You can't argue with those numbers. With gas prices as high as they are these days. The nice thing is you don't have to sacrifice the room and luxury for the great gas mileage. With the Avalon's 17 gallon gas tank you can go 680 miles before needing to fuel up again.
The touch navigation screen and controls are easy to use with very little time need to learn what they do and how you will use them.

The sleek design was imagined by the Toyota American design team out of California.  As you can see above the long lines across the dash give a feel of a horizontal movement that lends itself to a feel of wide room and comfort to the senses.

The room back seats are ready for work on the road. There is plenty of room to pull out the laptop and comfortable back seating with a nice center fold down arm rest console with drink holders to keep you happy while getting some work done while in the carpool lane or on the way to the airport. 

We love, love the 2014 Toyota Avalon Limited Hybrid and are putting at the top of our buy it list for Sweet Rides 2014.