Sweet and Simple Magazine: 2014 Toyota Highlander XLE * Sweet Ride 2014

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2014 Toyota Highlander XLE * Sweet Ride 2014

The 2014 Toyota Highlander XLE Muppets campaign has been everywhere. I'm sure you have seen it at least once. We wanted to try out the new Highlander to see for ourselves if it works for our family and if we wanted to "go places" in this new Toyota Highland XLE that has "no room for boring."

Interior details that we loved include the center console with room for all the little things you need when on the road from wipes to gum to an extra stick of deodorant. If you have teen boys you know why we carry deodorant in our vehicles.
Drink holders are perfectly places throughout the vehicle with water bottle holders in the door.
The navigation system will help you out when you forgot the directions to the kids playdate or your girls getaway trip which may or may not happen more than we would like to admit.
The new in dash shelf is perfect to hold a cellphone or an iPad. You will love this new feature. It came in handy more than I thought it would.

We really like the seating for 8. If you have a big family or if your kids and their friends need rides there will be room for everyone. Do you see those drink holders in the back and the way way back! Yep, I love those too.
The power liftgate that adjusts to your height- yes please.

Over all favorite feature is the Driver Easy Speak which is standard on the XLE allows the driver to be heard by those who are in the third row. This means no getting away with craziness for the kids in the way back and they can hear you when you need them to.

It's definitely on our will buy it list of family vehicles for 2014.