Sweet and Simple Magazine: 2014 Lexus GX460 * Sweet Rides 2014

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2014 Lexus GX460 * Sweet Rides 2014

The ultimate 2014 Sweet Ride starts with the 2014 Lexus GX460. Lexus knows how to do luxury AND reliability. We love that Lexus thought of everything a mom could want in a family vehicle in the 2014 Lexus GX460.

Let's start with the cargo space. From sports equipment to a new dress for the girl's room.

With thicker glass there is a nice reduction on driving noise which is nice because we all know how loud kids can get in the car.

Going on a family camping trip or taking the scouts out? The 2014 Lexus can manage off road with a powerful V8 engine and towing capability.

One of our favorite luxury items is the Lexus Remote Touch interface infotainment system. It' a cross between a mouse on your computer and a joystick for a gaming systems that lets you navigate your information and entertainment while in the drivers seat.

Leather interior with smooth lines and wood details adds to the luxury a mom has earned. Isn't that steering wheel just pretty. The wood is my favorite.
Luxury options include headlight washers. You ask yourself do you really need headlight washers? Yes, you do. Why? because when it's late at night and there is a heavy snow or a wet muddy night you will not believe how much it those little washers do to make visibility so much better.
Another visibility feature we like is the rain-sensing wipers. One time I was driving in the snow in Vermont and a big truck coming the other direction covered our vehicle in wet slushy snow. I couldn't see anything and was heading towards a sharp curve. Though they are handy during any rain or snow storm this is when you need the rain-sensing wipers.

The 2014 Lexus GX460 is our favorite 2014 Sweet Ride second only to the 2014 Lexus LS460.