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Hand Mixing Tools * Well Appointed Kitchen * Food & Drink

I decided to start a new series - The Well Appointed Kitchen. I wish there had been a list of all the basic kitchen tools to buy when I was young and had my first kitchen. I will be adding my list of kitchen essentials that make cooking and baking in the kitchen a pleasure and even a joy. A good tool is worth every penny. 
Here is a collection of my essential hand mixing tools for the kitchen.
"People who love to Eat are always the best people."
Julia Child

 A good sturdy stainless steel set of whisks in varying sizes are needed for making sauces, whipping cream and whisking some eggs for omelettes.
This is a set of
Williams-Sonoma Open Kitchen Whisks

A good slotted or perforated spoon is useful for poached eggs or serving cucumber and vinegar salad.  It a standard basic.

Food52 Antique-Molded Pewter Straining Spoon

Wooden spoons and silicone spatulas are two more basics for a well stocked kitchen. 

A potato masher is both a mixing tool as much as a mashing tool. Mashed and smashed potatoes need a masher. 
Worlds Greatest Double Potato Masher