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The holidays are all about celebrating. Celebrate family, friends, Christmas, and the New Year with a cup of cheer. Libbey believes every occasion, be it big or small is an opportunity to celebrate life and we do too.
Adding a bit of holiday cheer to your Christmas and New Year's parties with a bit of bubbly is one of our favorite family traditions.
We put together a quick and simple gift giving idea for your party host Most of the items are things you already have on hand. We simply went out into the yard and gather some cedar boughs for the greens and used gift tags and ribbon from our stock for holiday gift wrapping. It adds a sweet touch to your gift too.

Cedar Decorated Gift of Cheer:

  • Cut 3 pieces of cedar about 5-6 inches in length. 
  • Layer the cedar pieces then the berries and wrap tightly with floral wire. 
  • rim the wire leaving about 3 inches on the end. 
  • Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to make a bow with tails. 
  • Find the center of your piece of ribbon. Wrap the end piece of wire from the bundle around the center of the ribbon. 
  • Tie the ribbon about the bottle in a knot then into a beautiful bow. 

With your stemware in one hand and your festive bottle in the other you are ready to celebrate the holidays!

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!