Sweet and Simple Magazine: Spring Cleaning with Pledge®

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Spring Cleaning with Pledge®

This post is sponsored by Pledge® 

Spring is upon us full of mud and rain and all that pretty light shades of green. If you're like me you want to be out in the fresh air. My kids, their friends and my pets are in and out of the house all day long.
I'm getting bunch of Spring cleaning done from washing the baseboards to cleaning out the fireplace. I want my house to be as fresh as it is outdoors during spring. Do you do Spring Cleaning?

I am so happy to partner with Pledge® on this post about cleaning because I love that Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner with Glade® Fragrances is a cleaner I can take love that the Pledge® from room to room and from surface to surface.

As you can see in the video I dusted both my TV and my TV stand without missing a beat. It's something I can use throughout my house. Don't you just love a go to product for when you need to quickly clean up a mess?

Cleaning can be so easy. The list of surfaces you can use the Pledge® Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner on includes Wood, Laminate, Stainless Steel, Marble, Granite, Plastic, Porcelain, Glass and even Electronics.

As you can see here I used it to clean the marble composite around on my fireplace hearth. I had just finished cleaning out the inside of my fireplace and some of the ash got on the hearth and into the edge along the bricks. I simply wiped it clean with a cleaning cloth and the Pledge® - Multi Surface Cleaner®, easy peasy and no smeary mess just a clean smooth surface. Can you see how much brighter and clean my marble is afterwards.

I bought my Pledge Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner with Glade® Fragrances at Walmart it can easily be found in the home cleaning section. Look at the great selection of scents available! Are you like me? I like my house to smell like I just cleaned it after I clean. I really like the Hawaiian Breeze scent I got but I want to try the Lavender and Peach Blossoms scent and the Fresh Citrus Antibacterial for my bathroom surfaces.
Great thing about the Pledge® Multi Surface Antibacterial ® Everyday Cleaner is that it kills 99.9% of bacteria and kills 99.9% of germs, including the flu virus.

Check my video of me cleaning up some of the surfaces in my home even the grossest areas.