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Dog Grooming

Meet our Taco Terrier, Harrison Oakley Acorn. I added the Acorn because he was such a sweet tiny pup when he came home to us and had such a big name I thought acorn being a tiny thing would fit him perfectly. He's a rescue puppy who was born at his foster parent's house. When we got him we know he was a terrier and chihuahua mix. He's a mix of chihuahua and miniature fox terrier which makes him a Taco Terrier. No I didn't make it up it's a real thing I promise.

He is a sweetheart and follows me around the house and likes to either lay in a chair near me while I'm working or by my feet. He also loves to burrow under the blankets at night. This bed is perfect for him. I just ordered one for him. Do you have a dog how likes to burrow? I bet he/she would love a doggy cave bed too.

He had a dog bed that he liked to lay in but during his teething stage he decided he needed to chew a hole in it and pull out the stuffing. One thing we did find is that when training him the best way to stop him from a bad behavior was to replace it with a good one. He was needing to chew so I bought him some natural rawhide bones and he loves them! They helped him lose his baby teeth and chew in his adult teeth while keeping his teeth clean from tarter and plaque.

One thing I love about having a Taco Terrier is he is super easy to groom. I wash him with Burt's Bees Dog Shampoo and clip his nails. That's it. Since he is a black dog it's hard to see where the quick is in his nails so I got this super cool tool, Easy Quick Finder that helps me know where it's safe to trim his nails without hurting him.

Harrison wears a cute light blue nylon collar but I have been looking at some leather and patterned collars to dress him up a bit when we go out. What do you think of this little doggy bow tie? I think the blue looks so cute against his jet black fur.

I've been thinking about getting him some fall sweaters since he's so little. He need something to keep him warm when he plays outside.

Do you dress up your pup?