Sweet and Simple Magazine: S'mores and Drive-Up Grocery Shopping

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S'mores and Drive-Up Grocery Shopping

This post is in collaboration with Smith's

Did you know that Smith's Food & Drug now has drive up grocery shopping? Ok, kind of drive-up grocery shopping. It's called ClickList and what you do is go through a huge list of items including food, flowers and even toilet paper. You order you items online and then you go to the parking spaces with the big ClickList flags and the Smith's guys/girls run your order out to you. I know! Where was this when I had little kids that I didn't want to haul into the store!??!

I gave it a test run to see how it would go. We were getting ready for the HELLO LIVE Conference and I needed to get all the items for our Gourmet S'mores Bar bought. BTW, I'm the director and co-founder of the conference so as you can imagine I was super busy. Using the ClickList Shopping make it so much easier and quicker for me.

You can find our amazing S'more Bar Ideas on the HELLO LIVE Blog.

This is how it works. Go to Smith's Clicklist and create a free account. Choose from over 40,000 items and build your shopping cart right online. You then choose a pick up time for the next day between 7am-9pm. Smith's ClickList team shops for you and delivers it right to your car when you arrive. There is no min or max order.

Good things to know:
  • Where to register for an account and place orders: www.smithsfoodanddrug.com/ClickList
  • Order pick-up hours: 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. Customers select an hour window of time for pickup. Orders placed by midnight are available for pick-up the next day.
  • Service fee: $4.95. A promotion underway waives the fee for new customers’ first three orders.
  • Minimum order: None
  • Payment forms accepted: Credit or debit cards only. No cash, checks, gift cards or government benefits (including WIC and SNAP) at this time.
  • Restrictions: No alcohol, tobacco, pharmacy prescriptions pickups.