Sweet and Simple Magazine: How to Refinish a Table

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How to Refinish a Table

Remember when .....
I have been thinking about refinishing my kitchen table for a while now a couple of years. I couldn't decide what to do. Should I tile it? Stain it? I decided to paint it. Plain old white wouldn't do. I chose this amazing green apple color. I love it! My kitchen is very basic white, wood and chrome. I wanted the color to come from the fruits in the baskets, the dishes, the plants, the rugs etc. It is the perfect setting for a beautiful bright green table.

The color inspiration came from my favorite apron. It's the one on the table above. Every time I wear the apron it makes me happy. This new table color makes me happy too. When the table is set the green frames the settings and food like a beautiful picture frame. It becomes the accent each place setting.

Back to 2017...

 Well, this table is now my work table where I craft and prep for blog posts and work often.  Although I love that beautiful apple green color it just isn't working for me anymore. It's time to go more neutral and I'm thinking of shades of gray. It would have to be a lighter gray but definitely not white white.

Which gray do you like best? I will be posting a vote on my Facebook feed.

I also think I will keep the legs a natural wood color. OR do you think I should stain them darker?