Sweet and Simple Magazine: 5 Must Try - St Patrick's Day - Yummy Rainbow Foods

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5 Must Try - St Patrick's Day - Yummy Rainbow Foods

Do you celebrate St Patrick's Day with eating something green or rainbow colored? I always try to find something that is green or Irish or in rainbow colors to eat and wear for the holiday. When I was growing up  I use to tell my friends I was a little bit Irish. Growing up in the Chicago suburbs, that was a big deal on St Patrick's Day. They dry the river GREEN for St Patrick's Day in Chicago so as you can imagine claiming a bit of Irish if you cold had some bragging rights to it. Now I'm not sure if there is much Irish if any in our blood, we're more Scottish but I was claiming some for St Patrick's Day.
To give you some ideas for your St. Patricks Day celebrations I rounded up 5 rainbow colored foods for you to try.

Why not start Saint Patrick's Day off with a luscious Rainbow Smoothie from The First Year blog.

These Rainbow Fruit Parfaits looks so delicious!

Do you or the kids need a little snack in the afternoon? How about some Rainbow Lucky Charms Munch with crunchy pretzels. 

If you're not really into Irish foods but still want to celebrate how about some Rainbow Salsa

Everyone is just going to love trying some Rainbow Veggie Pizza, Give it a try, yum! Veggie pizza is my favorite. I would add some artichokes to it too.

Have fun celebrating!