Sweet and Simple Magazine: Reading Glasses Never Looked So Stylish

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Reading Glasses Never Looked So Stylish

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This post is sponsored by Foster Grant Readers with my thoughts on their reading glasses.
I hope you find it helpful.

In my 40's I started to realize I need to use readers to read the small print on labels and even my phone. I had never looked at the reading glasses section before simply because I never needed to. The only time I saw someone using reading glasses is when I saw my mom, aunts or grandma pull out a pair to read something and then quickly tuck them away again for next time. So as you can imagine I was pleasantly surprised when I went looking for a pair for myself. I didn't see myself as an older person who needed those glasses that sit on the end of my nose, you know like you always see in the movies. I certainly felt much more stylish too.

I found several pairs of cute stylish readers in an array of colors and styles that actually fit my personality and how I felt rather than the look that we often think of when we think of reading glasses. Foster Grant Readers has some of the cutest readers I've ever seen. You could wear them and no one would know the difference between these and high-end prescription glasses.

I personally use my reading glasses for several things including using my phone for business, reading the ingredients list on foods (since I'm on a low carb diet I have to watch those list closely) and other small print.  But, everyone has different reasons to use reading glasses and guess what? Foster Grant Readers has several options for readers to fit your own needs too. They include MultiFocus, Light Specs, Sun Readers, eReader, and more in a range of strengths. You get to choose the type that fits your lifestyle and still be stylish. I see a day on the beach with a good book coming up! Foster Grant Readers are all $34.99 or less too.  They are the same quality as prescription readers without the high price tag.

Have you thought about getting a pair or reading glasses and have just been putting it off? Go check out the Foster Grant Readers. They have a lovely selection of colors, styles, shapes, materials and more and you can save 20% when you use the promo code Readers20, expires 10/31/17. Visit the Foster Grant website and tell me which is your favorite pair!