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Home & Entertaining * Autumn Leaf Wreath

While we were on our leaf peeping hike we collected some colorful leaves, pine cones, seeds, berries and any other treasure from nature we wanted to add to our fall wreaths. This is such a simple wreath that everyone in the family can create from the tiny little pre-school aged kids to the teens to mom and dad and grandma too.

First, cut out a cardboard base for your wreath. We decided to make square wreaths. When cutting out the center punching holes in the cardboard first makes it easier to cut.

Next make a base layer of leaves covering the card board. I use tacky glue which you can find at almost any craft supplier. It sticks right away and drys clear. Be sure to over lap your edges. Next glue on your berries, nuts and seeds. Once all your nature finds are glued onto your base allow to dry completely. We decided to hang our wreaths on the wall with fall colored ribbon.

Sweet and Simple Tip:
We did our fall craft outside on the picnic table to reduce the mess plus we enjoyed the crisp fall air and the pretty autumn colors.

post & photo by April A. Founder & Editor-in-Chief