Sweet and Simple Magazine: A Christmas Tradition and Interview with Heather Bailey * 25 Days of Christmas

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A Christmas Tradition and Interview with Heather Bailey * 25 Days of Christmas

Today we are talking to Heather Bailey. She is a sweet inspiration of joy, beauty and fun. 

Tell us little about yourself and your blog?

I've been blogging since 2006 about my creative journey, motherhood and my business designing fabric, home decor, sewing patterns and more. Like a serial novel, readers have followed me through set-backs and successes. And the relationships we've developed have been a great support and great fun. The success of my blog has brought me many incredible opportunities—in truth, more opportunities than I can say yes to. Choosing where to go next is my greatest luxury and my greatest challenge.

Where do you go for inspiration?

I go to bed. Sleep makes all the difference to creativity. And many of my top ideas and inventions have sprung from a semi-dream state. I keep a sketchbook near my bed just in case. Beyond that, I don’t really seek out inspiration with intent. Creativity is an intuitive, back-of-the-brain thing for me. I love color, fashion, print design, home decor and so forth. I love antiques and vintage graphics. I absorb my world, then let my subconscious computer formulate what’s next.

What are 3 of your favorite projects?

I am super excited about my new embroidery patterns. I love to keep my hands busy and embroidery is a great grab-n-go hobby I can take anywhere. In addition to yummy new quilting-weight cottons, I have a line of fashion fabrics coming out next year.

I’m re-discovering my Apparel-Design degree right now as I plan garments to make with the fabrics. And, I’m finally taking the time to put my own design aesthetic to work in the heart of our home. We’re remodeling our family room. Once the wainscoting is finished, we’re installing new floors, then I’m designing original prints for the wallpaper and furnishings. I can’t wait to reupholster my vintage Henredon wood-frame couch, then snuggle up to my kids, watch a movie and embroider. I’ll post my progress on the blog and Instagram if you want to follow along.

Tell us your wildest dream something you would love to do, have or be...

I would love to live on a farm, grow food and keep horses, a pony and other small animals. Pretty quaint for my ‘wildest dream,’ right? To take it further, I would add a small village of stylized guest homes where I would host design retreats and craft parties.

What is your favorite family holiday tradition?

We love to make ornaments as a family. I’m all about the funky, homemade kitchy-kiddy ones. You know, the pinecone with eyeballs and a random piece of yarn glued to the side. Or the paper-plate wreath with a school photo of my daughter at the center. My all-time favorite homemade ornament is my son’s “Hamburger Angel.” I’ll let the photo describe that one. “I bring you peace, love — and good food.”

On Ornament Night, we set out a smattering of craft supplies and photos and let our imaginations run wild. Anything goes. We not only get a new batch of family ornaments to enjoy, but we get to remember the fun we had making them together. I highly recommend Ornament Night.

Party Idea: Ornament Night (with family or friends)

With paper and pipe cleaners, glitter and glue, baubles and brads, create ornaments with your loved ones—and fun memories while you’re at it.

You can see more of Heather Bailey's amazing work and blog here:
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