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Gilded Pumpkins * Home & Garden * Halloween Blog Hop

"It's Autumn time, it's autumn time the leaves are falling down." We have a sweet and easy gilded pumpkin centerpiece perfect for a mantel or table top. It really is simple. It takes about 20-minutes to create and dries in an hour. The kids are calling them our magical mystical fairy pumpkins because of the gold gilding, glow in the dark details and painted gold and copper rivets.
We like using the metallic dimensional paint to add studs rather than the real copper studs because our pumpkins last so much longer without piercing the skin.

Gilded Fall Pumpkins


  • an assortment of sizes and color pumpkins
  • Tulip Brand Beads in a Bottle Metallic (we used copper, silver and and gold)
  • Tulip Brand Beads in a Bottle Glitter (we used sandstone, mica flakes)
  • Tulip Brand Glow in the Dark Dimensional Paint (we used natural)
  • 1 inch flat paint brush

  • Wash all pumpkins and dry thoroughly.
  • Using the gold colored paint brush a thin layer of gold over the ridges, warts, and stems of each pumpkin. The wartier the better. The gold paint looks so pretty on these seemingly ugly parts of the pumpkin as they turn gold. 

  • Paint dots of the beads in a bottle paint along the ridge line of your pumpkins. On our small white pumpkin we used the copper metallic paint down all the ridge lines. For the medium orange pumpkin we dotted every other ridge line and put a solid line of the sandstone glitter paint on the other ridge lines. 

  • Allow pumpkins to dry of 1 hour
  • Brush glow in the dark paint over areas of the pumpkins you would like to glow when the lights are off. We brushed highlights with the glow in the dark paint over the the ridges of each pumpkin. The paint drys translucent so it is almost clear. 
  • Arrange on your table, mantel or your other favorite place to decorate for the holidays.

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