Sweet and Simple Magazine: Choosing a Christmas Tree * Home for the Holidays

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Choosing a Christmas Tree * Home for the Holidays

Are you a real or fake Christmas tree family? I have always loved the smell and look of a real tree. When I was growing up we always had a real tree. Sometimes they were big and fluffy other times more sparse. When my mom was growing up during the fall my grandpa and uncles would go up to the family homestead on the mountain and choose a tree for their Christmas. On the day after Christmas they would go up and cut down their perfect fresh tree. When I moved to Utah my uncle and grandpa would choose one for me too and I would go and pick it up after Thanksgiving. There was something really special about getting a tree from your own land.
Now that my grandma and grandpa have passed away we visit a local Christmas tree lot that carries the freshest prettiest trees. This year we went to SunRiver Gardens in Orem. They have a beautiful selection and a nice Christmas decoration shop too.

We wandered around to looked at all the varieties of trees. Do you know which variety is your favorite? I like a short needle with a strong branch to hold all my vintage glass ornaments. I have a lovely collection on Shiny Bright balls and assorted vintage German glass ornaments.

My twins with miss Vivi

Look how tall some of these trees are! If I had a tall ceiling you bet I would have a tall tree in my home.

After looking at all the trees my favorite is the Balsam Fir. I love the greenness and that the needles are around the branch. Do you choose a full full tree or one with room in between the branches? I try to look for a tree with little open spaces that allow for some of my ornaments to hang and dangle.

Remember to get your tree in water right after the bottom is trimmed so that your tree can drink it's water and live much longer in your home. If you have to wait, keep your tree outside then slice a small bit off the trunk again just before placing in the water stand.

I'm thinking maybe next year we will look for a christmas tree farm to cut our own. Merry Christmas and happy tree hunting!