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Easter Activities

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Did you know that Easter is early this year? It's March 27th! 
Finding easy and cute Easter Activities are always fun. My kids loved to help with decorating for each holiday. Putting together an simple craft that involved them is a great way for kids to enjoy each season. This colorful Easter themed ribbon chain is perfect for little hands. It's something you can do just for yourself to add Easter color and is also easy for kids of varying ages to make. 

Easy Easter Ribbon Chain:

I save ribbons. I have a big jar filled with ribbon bits and pieces. You never know when they will come in handy for a craft or a gift. When I was growing up my 3rd grade teacher kept a box of scrap papers, buttons, ribbons and other little items for us to make things when we had indoor recess. I loved it. You can of course buy new ribbon but it's always nice to use things you have on hand. I chose shades of blue, green,yellow and pink perfect for a cheery Easter Ribbon Chain. 

I cut the ribbon into 4-6 inch pieces. They don't have be exact. Since I was using my ribbon jar some pieces were not as long as others and that's ok. The chain will still turn out beautifully either way.

To make the chain simple add a line of glue or a strip of double stick tape and create a loop then add another link to your chain.
Have fun decorating your home for Easter. 
Happy Easter Crafting!