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Party Themes * Birthday Ideas

My son just turned 18. I was looking for simple party theme ideas and decorations to use with items I already had on hand. I had some birthday party ideas such as using his favorite colors, keeping it age appropriate and keeping it simple. I LOVE how this very easy birthday party centerpiece turned out.

This themed centerpiece is for an 18 year old but could easily be customized to someone of any age. All you would have to do is switch out the colors for the colors of your party theme. If you are having a super hero party you could use craft paper with superheroes on it for the numbers. If it's a princess party use pinks, blues and purples. If you start with this ideas as a base and go from there the themes are limitless.
My son's favorite colors are red and blue so I used red striped paper for the number 18.

This only took me about 10 minutes to put together. Very quick and easy. Cutting out the numbers is what took the longest. Here is a secret. I used things I already had on hand. The bottles I bought for Valentine's Day at World Market here. Th Tissue paper I had for gift wrapping and the skewers in the kitchen from grilling. I linked to the items in the list below.


I used 4 sheets of tissue paper. 2 sheets of blue and 2 of the white with rainbow glitter. The I simple folded each sheet in half, twisted it at the base and fluffed the top. Much like you would to put in a gift bag. And then put 1 blue in 2 of the bottles and 2 of the white in the middle bottle to make it more full. 

On the back of the paper I freehand drew the 1 and the 8 then cut out 2 of each number. Using  glue gun I sandwiched a skewer between the 1's and the 8's. Now simple add them to the bottle with the white tissue paper.
This is so EASY but it looks so good.

Happy party decorating!