Sweet and Simple Magazine: Coloring-Pages

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Do you know how when you are growing up and you just love and look up to someone like your mother or your grandmother and you want to do something that they love too? My grandmother loved coloring books. She had a stack under her tv stand for the grandkids to color in when they visited. We would sign our name and age on the page we colored and put the coloring books back into the cupboard. When grandma passed away 2 years ago we looked through the old coloring books remembering when we colored one page or another. It was a sweet memory. She also had some coloring books she kept for herself because she loved the pictures and wanted to use them for a project or two. I loved those books and have someone of the pages filed away in our memory box.

After creating the Feather Color Page and the Hearts Coloring Page for you I decided I really like to make coloring pages so I made a few more. Now, every time there is a day such as national cupcake day or nation hot dog day etc. I think I will add another page to the collection. I hope you enjoy coloring them as much as I enjoy making them for you. They are for you and for grandma and for the memories she made with us and her coloring books.

A pink pineapple sounded oh summer summery to me so I colored my pineapple coloring page pink.

Cupcakes are just cute. Add some frosting and toppings and pretty cupcake papers they are perfect for a coloring page. How about some cupcakes with your best girls while coloring some cupcakes too!

Of course I had to add some flowers because you know, they're flowers. This one I made a little more simple for when you want to finish a coloring page but don't have a lot of time or your little one wants to join in coloring with you.

These the markers I use to color my coloring pages. I love that I have 80, yes 80 colors and shades to choose from. I think you will like them too. Crayola Super-Tip Markers